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26 November 2019

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Are you an Assisting Photographer? Did you know you can enter the Photography Categories of the Awards for your chance to win the Discovered Member Award. This exciting award allows us to discover new talent within our Assisting Photographer membership.  We talk to Gareth Williams - one of the Discovery Award winners from this years Awards to find out how it has opened doors for him, along with great advice if you are considering entering the 2020 Awards!




© Gareth Williams, Discovery Award Winner - Awards 2019. Personal, Still Life & Object, Single.


Tell us more about your selected image, what’s the story behind it?

The image was taken as part of an exploration day I had in the studio for an editorial commission. Despite the image not being published, I really enjoyed the image compositionally, and its graphic and monotone nature. It isn’t immediate what you are looking at.

Can you tell us something surprising about the image?

The objects are in fact an antique colourblind test set. I found them at a vintage market and had no idea what I would do with them- I didn’t even know what they were at first so finding that out furthered my curiosity.


What impact has being a winner of the Discover Award in last year’s awards had on your career?

Its definitely helped me get in touch with a wider audience and start conversations with people that otherwise may not have happened.


What does the AOP do for you?

The AOP is a resource for advice in terms of contracts, legal and other aspects of photographic business. It also offers discounts with affiliated companies which are incredibly helpful.


Will you enter the next awards?

I’m looking through a few projects I have shot recently and deciding which I feel confident enough to enter. It’s a good exercise in giving you a deadline if something is unfinished or needs a tweak.

Have you got any advice for Assisting Photographers considering entering the next awards?

It is a great exercise in self curation and exploring the meaning of your work. As well it gives you access to a room full of industry on the event night and the possibility to get your name to a wider audience.

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