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BUSINESS & LEGAL: What can the AOP do for you?

19 November 2019

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If you're an Accredited or Assisting Photographer member, you may well have already used the business and legal services we provide as part of those memberships, but if you’re not, or you haven’t, it may be useful to know what we can provide.

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© Brendan Duffy, from Find a Photographer.


Over the past 12 months, we have successfully brought in around £170,000 in additional revenue for members. This has been in the form of settled (i.e., pre-trial) copyright infringement claims brought by members against people who have stolen their work or used it without proper permission, unpaid invoices (some as long overdue as a year!) and other settlements to contractual matters between members and their clients. That is quite an extra chunk of change and there will be more out there that our members are entitled to but are perhaps unaware of or don’t think it’s worth pursuing.

Joining a trade association is as much about supporting your professional practice as anything else, and making sure you get paid for all that you do is vital if you want to have a business that lasts for decades, never mind for years.

Copyright infringement is rife and increasing and photography ranks highest as one of the types of creative works infringed the most. No surprise when so many people still think that if they can find it on Google, it must be free to use!

Policing and enforcing your rights is a must and necessarily forms part of your 21st century business practice. Use as many of the tools that you can to track the uses of your work - there are several good online infringement tracking platforms like Copytrack and others that will facilitate this and if you;re an AOP Accredited or Assisting Photographer member we can help you navigate this stuff so it becomes really manageable.



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