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19 November 2019

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We catch up with Steve Knight, Chief Operating Officer of Pixipixel, and find out more about what they can offer you.

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Tell us about Pixipixel.
The company was established in 2002 by Toby Newman who started in stills as an assistant and digital operator back in the day! We are a progressive camera and lighting equipment company supplying kit to Films, TV, Commercials and the Photographic industry dealing with agents, photographers, studios and brands directly. We have equipment and staff based in-house at The Worx Studios, Sunbeam Studios, Rida and have affiliations with The Street, Cherryduck and Shed Studios.

We base ourselves on having the latest and most innovative kit in camera, lenses, lighting, camera grip, and generators. We hold a huge amount of the latest LED lighting and are at the forefront of large format cameras for motion including the Arri Alexa Mini LF.

We are located in Hoxton, East London for camera, photographic lighting and our Film & TV lighting (generators etc) are all based in a brand new 25,000 sq.ft facility in Tottenham – right next to Ikea, North London.

I joined Pixipixel as Chief Operating Officer in August 2017. My previous experience was the Founder and MD of Direct Photographic which I started in 1993 and I left in January 2017, I previously sold this business to Panavision in 2011 so it seemed a good time to have a new challenge. I also serve on the Board of the AOP and was a previous chair.

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How are you different to other rental and lighting companies?

We are independent, privately-owned and we are one of the only independent UK Rental houses that can offer both camera and lighting from a single point of contact, delivered & budgeted together.   

The great thing about this offer is that we are able to look after multiple crews' equipment requests.

As an example, we can provide, a full lighting set-up working with the gaffer, a full motion camera package working with the DOP and his crew, a full flash or continuous lighting set up working with the photographer, a full stills camera package working with the photographer, a full video and lighting package working with the EPK or behind the scenes crew.

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© Barney Newman

What advice do you have for our photographers to make their technical set-up run smoothly? 

The only advice I would offer is to plan, test and check that what you need to achieve technically has been thought about and rehearsed.  No one needs technical issues on set on the day of any shoot so the advice would be to test it, talk with us about what you are looking to achieve, come in test it so that it all runs smoothly on the day.  We have dedicated camera test suites in Hoxton all available free of charge when renting kit from us.

Where do you see the future of photography?

As we all know photography is no longer just about stills, many clients require different uses and formats, so I think the future is to be prepared for their requirements. It’s not all about motion though, we work on many campaigns and shoots that are still straight stills shoots only, so I think there will long be a place for just this.

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© Steve Knight

What’s next for Pixipixel?

We continue to invest in equipment and staff to ensure we are meeting our clients' requests – push the limit of sustainable LED lighting and for us to develop and acquire better kit for the rental market. We are growing at a fast pace especially in TV with the race for content from streaming service providers but we will hold onto our routes looking after photographers and continue to advise and help them as much as we can.

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