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Photographer Focus: Armand Tamboly

7 September 2019

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© Armand Tomboly

We catch up with Berlin based Armand Tamboly who has recently been featured in Blickfang Deutschlands, Beste Fotografen and Lurzers Archive. Read on to find out more about why Armand feels it's important to make time to shoot personal work and enter awards.

Aerial for Westend61

© Armand Tamboly


Tell us about your journey towards becoming a Photographer & Art Director.

I discovered photography at a young age, as my father himself was photographing and I received my first knowledge about photography from him. Afterwards I joined university where I studied advertising, design and photography. In 2002 I decided to take my interest and passion for photography seriously and took the path towards making it my career. Since then I have moved between several countries including Switzerland, Egypt, Sweden and Germany. This taught me a lot about art, photography and how different societies perceive and see art.

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© Armand Tamboly

How would you define your style and has it changed overtime?

Even though i shoot a lot of lifestyle and travel where the style is more on the conceptual side, my images usually carry an idea and can be really glossy. Over time the concept and ideas behind my projects has got more sophisticated and complex. I myself love ideas and images that go under the skin and that don't stay superficial.


papa roach Jacoby Shaddix Ta ttowier magazine

© Armand Tamboly

You’ve recently been featured in both Blickfang Deutschlands Beste Fotografen (Germanys best photographers) and Lurzers Archive which are both brilliant achievements. How did this come about?

I have been featured before at Blickfangs and Lurzers Archive “200 best Ad photographers worldwide” so their jury is quite familiar or aware of me and my work. Some months ago Blickfang contacted me and told me that they would like to have me in their next book.


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© Armand Tamboly

You have won numerous Awards for your commercial work. What do you feel winning Awards does for your business?

Winning awards is amazing and it has a certain amount of addiction in it. To me personally, winning awards helps me understand my work better and what the viewer is interested in, so I take it as a learning process. For my business it gives more credibility and the client doesn't have to worry about either he chose the right photographer or not. Because he can see of course what he gets and see also that the quality of work is high that it has the ability to win several prizes as well.


Eves Glory uniform book project 2

© Armand Tamboly

Besides your achievements for your commercial work do you have time to work on personal projects?

I like to make time for my personal projects. Besides the fact that it is refreshing to work on creative ideas, it also provides new rich material for my portfolio. Ironically not many clients want to see typical commercial work, they enjoy seeing the creative stuff more, which absolutely makes sense. So this is a must.

Lena Quist promo image

© Armand Tamboly

What does it mean to you to be a member of the AOP and what do we do for you as an overseas member?

I'm quite a new member at AOP. I like the presentation I get from AOP and it makes it easier for clients to find me. AOP has one of the most prestigious photography awards also, I can't wait to participate in the next competition. Many clients know already that in order to join AOP you need to have a high quality and that makes it amazing to be a part of AOP.

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