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AOP Members Win Out at Portrait of Britain

4 September 2019

Carolyn Small

© Carolyn Mendelsohn

The British Journal of Photography have announced 200 hundred shortlisted portraits and 100 winners of this year's Portrait of Britain exhibition, which will be displayed on digital screens across Britain. Among them are fourteen AOP Accredited Photographers, three access members and two student members.

Thousands of submissions were made to this year's Portrait of Britain Exhibition. Of those, only 200 were selected to be published in the Hoxton Mini Press book Portrait of Britain Vol.  2, due for release on the 6th September 2019. Of the shortlisted 200, 100 were selected to be a part of the exhibition, which will take place all across Britain on JCDecaux's screens in such landmarks as London Waterloo, Glasgow Central, and Brighton train station, and shopping Centres including Bluewater in Kent, Intu Lakeside in Essex and St David's in Cardiff. The exhibition will hit screens across the nation from the 2nd - 30th September.

Here we celebrate the Portrait of Britain winners, who have been supported by the AOP in their photography careers.

© William Green

Katie, London © William Green

"I asked Katie to pose for me while we were travelling on a regular bus route she takes. Light is really important in my work so I sometimes use mirrors, pieces of glass or reflectors to direct the light and add atmosphere."  - William Green

9049 Mark Taylor

Doug, Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear © Mark Taylor

‘I have always swum but only took up sea swimming three years ago. The pool is good, but cold water, fresh air and vast skies really make you come alive!’ – Doug

8473 Peter Kindersley


Bishop Libby Lane, Chester, Cheshire © Peter Kindersley

‘I always want things to be better, but I want to make them better by getting stuck in. And the way of making the church better was by doing it from within.’ – Libby Lane, the Church of England’s first female bishop

6906 Kate Peters

Anthony, Orelton, Herefordshire © Kate Peters

‘My dream is to be successful at what I do, whether it’s barbering or dressage. I try to be the best I can at both.’ – Anthony


6903 Garrod Kirkwood

The Hubbucks, Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear © Garrod Kirkwood

"I joined the Hubbucks on one of their family days out at the beach. As I shot this scene, I asked them to act like I wasn’t there. The photo reminds me of my own childhood." - Garrod Kirkwood (AOP Award Winner 2019)

6199 Gianluca Urdiroz Agati

Adrian and Luca, Poole, Dorset © Gianluca Urdiroz Agati 

"Adrian, who is blind, was born in Hungary and moved to England with his wife some years ago. I noticed Adrian and his son Luca out shopping one day and was moved by the way Luca assisted his father." - Gianluca Urdiroz Agati (Student Member) Overall Winner AOP Student Awards 2019

6636 Sandra Mickiewicz

Kevin, Jaywick, Essex © Sandra Mickiewicz

"Kevin suffers from epilepsy and is unable to work. He lives in Jaywick, one of the most deprived places to live in England. I gained the trust of the local community and made a series of portraits of residents."  - Sandra Mickiewicz


5660 David Pickens

My Brother Paul, Stratford-upon-Avon, West Midlands © David Pickens

"My brother’s Port Wine Stain affects his hearing and sight on one side of his face, but it’s never held him back. He leads a full and active life." - David Pickens


5341 Camilla Murray

Jayden, Shaftesbury, Dorset © Camilla Murray 

"Jayden, nine, is my nephew. He is cheeky, kind, loving and very entertaining." - Camilla Murray

5310 Liam Arthur

Merryn, Penzance, Cornwall © Liam Arthur

‘When I skate, I put my headphones in and leave all my problems at the door. Now that I’ve started I never want to stop. It’s become my answer to most things. I have experienced some hatred because I am a girl skating but you’re going to get that whatever you do. I won’t let that stop me from doing what I love.’ – Merryn

5283 Garry Simpson

Hilda, Christchurch, Dorset © Garry Simpson

"I noticed Hilda sitting outside her house, immaculately dressed. She told me she was moving soon to live with her family after living in this house for many years." - Garry Simpson

4460 Paul Wenham Clarke

Sisters Maureen and Aileen, Edinburgh © Paul Wenham-Clarke

"Aileen has Down’s syndrome and lost her hair when her mother died. She had always lived with her mother. Aileen’s sister Maureen now looks after Aileen." - Paul Wenham-Clarke

3606 Gavin Li

Yasodhara, London © Gavin Li

"Yasodhara is a Sri Lankan artist who specialises in painting flowers. She is also a domestic violence survivor and single mother." - Gavin Li

2961 Fabio De Paola

I Am Bethan Now, Coventry, West Midlands © Fabio de Paola

"Bethan Henshaw was born a man and at the age of 57 and will undergo gender reassignment surgery to become female. She has always known that she is transgender but forced herself to live a man’s life." - Fabio de Paola


2959 Ioana Marinca

Ellie, London © Ioana Marinca

"Ellie and I met in a restaurant. I was on a second date that hadn’t started very well; Ellie was our friendly waitress who turned things around. Her shaved head and arm tattoos caught my attention so I asked her if she would sit for a portrait. We stayed in touch and a couple of months later made some pictures together." - Ioana Marinca (Access Member)

2831 Reme Campos

Luci and Elio, London © Reme Campos

"After photographing Luci and Elio, I later discovered that Elio (right) is transgender. ‘I’m most comfortable when I’m not confined by a set of expectations,’ Elio said." - Reme Campos

2474 Alun Callender

Maria Sigma, London © Allun Callender

"Textile designer and weaver Maria says her work is inspired by the colour palette of the British landscape. Using British wool and drawing on her Greek heritage, she creates minimal, contemporary pieces." - Allun Callender


1444 Carolyn Mendelsohn

Phoenix Women, 100 Years On, Bradford, West Yorkshire © Carolyn Mendelsohn

"This image reimagines Flora Lion’s 1918 painting Women’s Canteen at Phoenix Works, Bradford. Many modern-day heroines feature, including a bus driver, midwife, a police officer and local councillor." - Carolyn Mendelsohn


1098 Allie Crewe

Grace, Manchester, Greater Manchester © Allie Crewe

"I have been working on a series of portraits of trans people in the UK for two years. Grace is a junior doctor. I love the rawness of her gaze." - Allie Crewe (Access Member)

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These images were taken from the Portrait of Britain website. To see the other winners in this year's exhibition, click here.

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