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28 June 2019

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© Jonathan Ford

Is there anyone that hasn't been caught up in the Game Of Thrones hype?. For all its thousands of fans it would be a dream to meet the many characters.  Jonathan Ford got to do just that and was commissioned to take them out of character and shoot the stars as themselves. We catch up with Jonathan to find out about his career and more.


© Jonathan Ford

Tell us about your pathway to be a professional photographer?

From a young age I had a keen interest in photography and as a young(er) man pursued documentary photography which lead to commissions abroad with Camera Press and Oxfam and other NGOs. I spent time in the Balkans at the tail end of the war in the former Yugoslavia. I travelled to India to cover the aid effort after a major earthquake and I also worked in Israel and the Palestinian Territories on the aid programs. It was when I realised that I was either going to end up dead, injured or managing PTSD that I took a job as a producer in an advertising agency.  I enjoyed the industry but it didn’t quite meet my expectations for a career so I went back into photography. It took me a number of years to define myself again as a photographer and build a name and a reputation.



© Jonathan Ford

How would you define your style and has it changed over time?

My first love was documentary photography. My photographic heroes are Robert Capa and Don McCullin. These days, I see myself as a photographer, who maybe, can just capture that moment and that brief or fleeting emotion. 


How did your recent shoot for Game of Thrones come about?

I had an exciting relationship with HBO - they knew my work and so commissioned me to take portraits of the cast in celebration of the final season of Game of Thrones. The brief was to capture the actors as themselves.



© Jonathan Ford


Tell us about some other stand out jobs.

I recently returned from India photographing the cast of the new ITV drama Beecham House. I was also fortunate to travel to Kuala Lumpur in the last month, once again to photograph the main cast of a new drama based during the Second World War and the fall of Singapore.


What inspires you? 

Beautifully lit cinematography.



© Jonathan Ford


What’s next for you? 

It is a real privilege to be entrusted with the commissions that I receive and meet and work with some wonderful people.  I’m always inspired and enthused by such commissions, we never stop learning and developing and its my hope and desire that I continue to produce work that I, and others I work with, are proud of. I have various personal projects on the go and will be continuing to work on them.


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