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EXHIBITION: Eleni Leoussi

10 June 2019

Eleni Leoussi Collage 20 1 copy

© Eleni Leoussi

AOP Member Eleni Leoussi is showcasing a selection of her photo and abstract collages made between 2013-2019 at Moorfields Eye Hospital until 9th September.

Eleni Leoussi Collage 20 1

© Eleni Leoussi


Born in Athens, Greece, in 1946, Eleni Leoussi studied drawing and sculpture at the Athens School of Fine Arts before moving to London in 1968 to study photography - she has been a resident of London ever since.

Eleni started photographing modern dance while still studying for her degree at Harrow College of Technology & Art and went on to specialise in this field from the early 1970s through to the mid-1990s, working with some of the UK’s leading performers and dance companies. She became highly respected in the world of contemporary dance photography, earning an international reputation for her powerful and fluid black and white images, a majority of which were shot during full dress rehearsals rather than staged photocalls. Her work has been widely exhibited and in 1998, Dewi Lewis published Rehearsal: Photographs of Dance, a comprehensive retrospective of Eleni’s career in modern dance photography spanning twenty-five years.

In 2003, Eleni embarked on a very personal project, travelling throughout Greece’s interior mainland and remote islands to photograph the people and places of her home country. The resulting collection of her colour photographs was published in My Greece (Patakis, Athens, 2004). 


Eleni Leoussi Collage 26

© Eleni Leoussi


More recently, Eleni has focussed on producing vibrant and highly intricate collage artworks inspired by her appreciation of photomontage and découpage techniques. Her collage artworks incorporate a range of mixed media; from magazine cuttings and coloured paper to photographs and fabric as well as cut-outs from her own sketchbooks of drawings and paintings. A selection of these collage artworks are on display in an exhibition at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London.

Eleni has been a patient of Moorfields Eye Hospital for almost forty years. During this time, Clinic 4 has been treating her for keratoconus, expertly fitting her with contact lenses to correct her vision. Moorfields has also been treating Eleni for glaucoma since 2017. In gratitude, Eleni joined the Friends of Moorfields as a volunteer and in November 2019, she will be celebrating ten years of service with the team.

‘Exhibition organised by Moorfields Arts Committee, which is supported by the Friends of Moorfields’

Exhibition Details:

Until 8 September

Open: Monday - Friday 08:00 - 18:00

Ground Floor
Behind clinic 2, in the Optometry corridor
Moorfields Eye Hospital
162 City Rd
Old Street


View more of Eleni's work here 

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