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f22 - Women Photographers at the AOP - Launching on International Women's Day

7 March 2019

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We are delighted to announce the resurrection of the group f22  - Women Members at the AOP - #thefstartshere

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Image © Fern Alice Lee

From left to right, AOP Member Sarah Hogan, Commissioner Alicia Hart, AOP Marketing Manager Rachel Rogers & AOP Member Wendy Carrig

We are delighted to announce the resurrection of the group f22 Women Members at the AOP - launching on International Women's Day Friday 8th March.

The original f22 group existed in the 80’s to the 90’s. Due to requests received over the last year the group has been reformed to provide our female members with a dedicated network to have open discussions, share knowledge and importantly lobby towards changing the current statistics of the number of women commercial photographers.  It is telling that 18% of AOP Accredited Photographer and Assisting Photographer members are female compared to 75% of AOP Student Members.

AOP's Marketing Manager Rachel Rogers has been working closely with AOP Accredited Photographer members Wendy Carrig and Sarah Hogan along with commissioner Alicia Hart to get the group up and running again. 

'We are extremely proud to have such passionate members at the AOP, we will be working with them to find ways in which we can further support their business practice as women commercial photographers, as well as highlighting and promoting their incredible work on the new Instagram feed.

Over the last year we have seen in surge in photography groups, organisations and awards set up initiatives in an attempt to equal out the discrepancy between the numbers of women and men working as commercial photographers.  The f22 group will run a series of meet ups with its female members in an attempt to change this', Rachel Rogers, AOP Marketing Manager.

The f22 group will exist as a forum as well as having regular meet ups for our women members as well as having a dedicated Instagram feed @f22aop please give us a follow and spread the word!

If you are a women photographer working in the commercial industries and wish to get involved you can join as a member from as little as £25.00 pa.  Click here for more details



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