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Being Inbetween, by Carolyn Mendelsohn

12 February 2018


“Being Inbetween” is a photographic series of portraits of girls aged between ten and twelve, exploring the complex transition between childhood and young adulthood. 



©Carolyn Mendelsohn


Carolyn Mendelsohn has been working on the evolving work for over three years and it arises from her own memories of being this age and the desire to give voice and faces to the young women who inevitably must pass through these mysterious hinterlands on their journey towards adulthood.


14 Heavens

©Carolyn Mendelsohn


 “The series is an exploration, a way of giving a voice to the girl I was and the girls who are; a way to explore the hidden complexity, duality and contradictions that mark this phase of life.” Carolyn Mendelsohn


6 Jamie Leigh

©Carolyn Mendelsohn


The larger than life prints are exhibited with a soundscape crafted from recorded interviews of the girls and woven into an ambient music track edited and composed by Graham Coatman.


5b Alice

©Carolyn Mendelsohn


A selection of the work has toured with the RPS IPE 159/160  - with the portrait Alice wining the gold medal in 2016, Alice was also in BJP Portrait of Britain 2017. The series has been seen online in Huffington Post, Buzzfeed and Bored Panda, and a selection of the work has appeared in La Monde, The Sunday Times, The Yorkshire Post, Click Magazine, The British Journal of Photography, Professional Photography, Amateur Photographer and many other national and international magazines, in print and on line.


4 Gowri

©Carolyn Mendelsohn


3 Abigail

©Carolyn Mendelsohn

2 Maria

©Carolyn Mendelsohn


1 Mabel 

©Carolyn Mendelsohn




The work is being exhibited with the support of the Crossley Gallery, Dean Clough, Halifax;  Anne McNeill,  Impressions Gallery ; Fujifilm Uk, and CC imaging Leeds.

Exhibition venue: Crossley Gallery, Dean Clough, Halifax

Dates 24th Feb – 20th May 2018

For further info contact Crossley Gallery

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