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Festive gift inspiration courtesy of our brilliant members

19 December 2017

For anyone struggling for inspiration for the perfect gift this Christmas, here are some ideas fit for all pockets from our members which might just fit the bill.  

© Emily Andersen

Book: Paradise lost and found, by Emily Andersen  
"In her book titled Paradise Lost & Found, Emily Andersen explores the universal appropriation of empty spaces and how people create their own 'secret paradises' in sites ignored by passing road and rail travellers. She seeks beauty but not romance in these gardens and in abandoned rundown factories, leftovers from socialism's utopian dream." Sue Steward
Price: £15 + p&p


© Ian Aitken

Photographic tour: 8 nights at Ol Pejeta conservancy in Kenya, with Ian Aitken
The tours are designed to give a fully immersive trip into the world of the challenges of wildlife conservation in Kenya, with early morning and evening game drives to see and photograph the wide variety of animals, opportunities to go on walking safaris and night drives. It's the largest black rhino sanctuary in East Africa with the last 3 surviving northern white rhino, plus cheetah, African wild dogs, wildebeasts, hyenas, giraffes plus a chimpanzee sanctuary. The tours are max 6 adults and fully inclusive 8 nights accommodation, meals and transport with 4x4 safari trucks from pick up and drop back to at Nairobi airport.
Price: US$2,800

© Julian Calverley
Book: #IPHONEONLY by Julian Calverley 
#IPHONEONLY is a book of landscape photographs made on an iPhone.

Although known for his advertising and large scale atmospheric landscape work, the last couple of years have seen him embrace camera phone photography. It had never really occurred to him before to use such a device, having always considered his ‘professional’ camera equipment to be the only real choice. Often when he's out in the landscape, he'll find himself waiting for a certain quality of light or sea state, or for weather to change, and it's those moments when he'll often take a picture or two with his phone camera. This book is a collection of 60 of those images.
Price: £20 + p&p 



© Roger Cracknell

Greeting cards: by Roger 
Choose from a selection of festive images of snowy scenes, Christmas lights, and these reindeer in Richmond park.
Price: £20 for packs of 10 cards & envelopes, includes p+p

© Rob Evans

Book: The Backbone of Britain – The People Behind the Craft, by Rob Evans   
We covered the length of the country searching out people who produce things with a passion and a purpose. This book contains over 30 stories including traditional furniture makers at the top of their game, motorcycle manufacturers hand-building by eye, wheelwrights who can trace their family trade back to the 1300s and tailors who've produced suits for Pavarotti. It is a limited edition book printed in the UK on GF Smith paper and each book is individually numbered.
Price: £35, includes UK p+p

© Julia Fullerton-Batten

Book: The Act, by Julia Fullerton-Batten
In ‘The Act’, acclaimed fine-art photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten portrays the lives and skills of women who voluntarily engage in the UK sex industry as their career. All of them chose a markedly different path in life to the usual one, wittingly challenging social stigma. Julia investigated why this is with imagery and videoed interviews.
Price: Standard Limited edition: £140 plus shipping
Collector’s Limited edition: £770 plus shipping

© Chris Harrison

Book: I Belong Jarrow, by Chris Harrison
I Belong Jarrow is a journey to a place you can never return, your childhood home. Urban landscapes, portraits and texts tell the story of the photographers attempts to return from exile to his home town in the North East of England. 
Price: £25 Christmas sale price, signed.

© Andrea Jones
Book: Making for Home: A Tale of the Scottish Borders, by Alan Tait, photographs by Andrea Jones 
'The art historian Alan Tait’s story is not so much about gardening as about gaining possession of his little farmhouse in the wild’s of Scotland’s border country. It’s the story of landscape history too and Andrea Jones’s moody, self-possessed photographs capture the spirit of Tait’s enduring patience.’
Price: £30

© Debby Lewis-Harrison

Book: Twenty Plates, by Debby Lewis-Harrison
Twenty Plates by food photographer Debby Lewis-Harrison is a celebration of social eating and shares the author's friends’ and families’ favourite recipes. There are 20 plated dishes including 12 savoury and 8 sweet, and also features 3 delicious cocktails. The stunning 152-page book has 28 full colour photographs and 22 illustrations, beautifully bound, embossed and printed on GF Smith paper."
Price: £22 plus shipping


© Stephen McCoy 
Book: Café Royal books, by Stephen McCoy

Each book is 14cm x 20cm and 28 pages long, signed and some titles have limited availability. 

Books include:  "Personal Space" project started as a semi-humourous look at activities as was originally informed by "bad" family snap-shots - poor technique, heads chopped off etc, but soon moved to more formal rigorous compositions showing garden BBQ's, TV watching, Sun bathing etc.

"Keep off Sexy Drugs" was one the earliest projects and used as its theme the Fun-Fair out of season. It was an ironic look at the idea of fun and also the kitsch nature of fun-fair decoration.
Price: £10 plus shipping

© Joel Redman

Fine-art posters: by Joel Redman 
Joel Redman is an award winning photographer who has exhibited and worked internationally. His
work has a quite calm aesthetic, an epic sense of space and scale pervade in his photographs. He works on long term personal projects as well as commissioned assignments.
Price: £60 plus shipping

© Stella Scordellis

Prints: Automotive prints, by Stella Scordellis
For the Automotive Lover, a collection of forty-four exclusive photographs from the exhibition ‘A Drive Down Memory Lane’ by highly acclaimed photographer Stella Scordellis - limited to twenty-five editions of each, offered framed or unframed – the photographs are personally signed and can be personalised for you if it’s a gift for someone special.
Price: From £600


© Paul King 
AOP courses 
We have partnered with Tandem Education to offer a series of photography courses aimed at a range of participants varying from the complete novice to more advanced, confident photographers looking to develop further skills.
From a half day learning to set up a digital camera, to the full BTEC certified HND, how about giving a photography course to your loved one this Christmas? Courses take place in London and Nottingham, here is the list of courses available:
Setting up your New Digital Camera
Introduction to Digital Photography
AOP Certificate level 1 - Digital Photography Basics
AOP Certificate level 2 – Digital Photography
AOP Certificate level 1 – Basic Photoshop for Photographers
Photoshop for Photographers – Starting Out
Digital Workflow
Level 4 BTEC certified HNC Photography
Level 5 BTEC certified HND Photography
For more information and to book see our website 

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