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AOP launches new photography courses in partnership with Tandem Education

6 December 2017

AOP Photography courses

We are very excited to announce a new partnership with Tandem Education to offer a series of photography related courses. The nine courses on offer range from a half-day taster course for beginners to a full HND for confident photographers looking to develop further skills.

AOP Photographer member Paul King has been involved with Tandem Education and collaborated to design the courses. Paul is an advertising photographer who also runs Perseverance Works – a media hub in Shoreditch. He joined the AOP 12 years ago and since then has been involved with the association as a board member and sitting on many working groups.

We met up with Paul to find out more. 

Why did you first start teaching?

Paul explains: I was offered a job teaching a class once a week, at Kingston College by a friend of Michael Grove (of Tandem) back in 2005 and have fitted that in alongside shooting ever since. Having been a photographer for many years I find teaching comes very naturally, it’s hugely rewarding and it’s great to mix it in with shooting even now.

What is Tandem, and how did you get involved with them?

Tandem was set up in 2012 by Michael Grove as an education organisation. Michael brings 18 years experience as a photography lecturer with consistently Outstanding Ofsted reports.  I met Michael through a friend and was excited to work with him and to see where this will lead. The nine AOP courses were put together in consultation with myself and will be delivered by Tandem.



Where will the courses take place?

It’s important to us that these courses are all delivered in a working professional photographer’s studio, something that makes the fit and feel of the courses particularly unique. Participants have the option of learning in London (at Perseverance Works) or Nottingham (Flour Mill Studios)

Who are these courses for?

The courses vary hugely from a basic half-day Setting Up Your New Digital Camera taster course, to the year long Level 5 BTEC certified HND Photography; so whether you’re a complete beginner who has just got a new camera (or has one gathering dust in a cupboard) and wants to get the most out of it, to those who want to improve their technical skills – there’s a course for everyone.

What sets these courses apart from other photography courses?

It is important to us that participants are taught in small groups - maximum of 15 people. 

The courses are taught by highly acclaimed professional photographers in a working studio setting, there is a real focus on current and best industry practice, something we are keen to encourage amongst all working photographers in order that a sustainable industry exists for those that want to work in it.



What do participants need to get started?

All you need is your own digital camera with manual controls. In some cases, digital cameras can be provided if required and there are laptops available for loan (on-site only) too. 

Read full details of all nine courses here 

See more about Paul King here

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