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Making the Leica M10 - film by Richard Seymour

17 September 2017

Richard explains how he came about making a film about Leica's new camera. 

'Back In January I attended the global launch of the new Leica M10 camera at Leica’s HQ at Wetzlar in Germany.

Whilst there I talked to my friends at Leica to see if they would let me shoot a personal short 60 sec film project on a very specific part of the manufacturing process for the camera - two incredible ladies who apply the leather covering on the camera in about 90 seconds - its the most incredible spectacle of skilled precision.' 


©Richard Seymour

'Conversations expanded quite quickly and before we knew it we had been commissioned to shoot a film of the whole manufacturing process running to 4 minutes and with an original music score.

In April my camera operator Jack Webber and I returned for the shoot, by this time we had decided it would be cool to keep it entirely in the family so to speak by shooting 4K on the Leica SL Pro camera system and we cheekily asked if they would supply us with a set of Summilux cinema lenses (at a cost of € 50,000 per lense) Upon arrival we were presented on a factory work bench with €200,000 of the worlds best cinema optics. 

My vision throughout was to work at a macro scale to really get a sense for the highly detailed work involved in hand assembling these cameras with no less than 1100 parts. We wanted a human counterpoint of the staff who are unsurprisingly extremely proud of what they create so everyone without exception agreed to be filmed.

We commissioned a music score written to edit by a very talented DJ/producer who saw the value in helping out for the fairly meagre fee I could offer him. 

The film has been one of Leica’s most successful recent promotional videos with over 70,000 plays on social media in the first 4 days.' 


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