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AOP Photographer member Liron Weissman's latest work Hot Marionette

21 March 2017

Hot Marionette by photographer Liron Weissman and Limor Helfgot

Hot Marionette1
©Liron Weissman 


The marionette presents the perfect combination between fire and ice ~ A blazing red and yellow ensemble, with a hint of denim and a touch of stripes to take off the edge. Featuring a mix of seasons and colours that both contradict and complement each other. The cool and pure effect of denim and stripes cuts the overwhelming impact of red and yellow shades, tying in the daring and energetic bursts of colour with contrasting shoes. The bright red pout brings a sense of attitude, yet the mood is perfectly punctuated by a vivid yellow eye shadow that keeps the innocence in the young and hot marionette. -Limor Helfgott


Hot Marionette3

©Liron Weissman

Hot Marionette4

©Liron Weissman

Hot Marionette6

©Liron Weissman

Hot Marionette8

©Liron Weissman

Hot Marionette10

©Liron Weissman

Photographer: Liron Weissman @Lironada | Styling and art direction by Limor Helfgott @Lim0r | Model: Martha Rose Redding for Select Models | Makeup by Lina Dahlbecm @linainlondon | Hair by Tuesday-Rose Mullings @tuesurhair

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