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20 May 2013

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© Oliver Haupt. Best in Category, Non-Commissioned Life Series. 29th Photographers Awards 2012

Not long now, before the final deadline of the 30th Photographers Awards - 6pm Friday 31 May.  Who will be this year’s winners? Do you have what it takes to bring home a coveted Gold Award?  Want to get your work in front of the likes of John Claridge, Max Forsythe, Roger Tooth and Peter Bailey?  

For up-coming photographers and well-established professionals alike, the Photographers Awards is one of the best ways to get your work seen by those who matter.  Julia Fullerton Batten, Best in Category winner from 2012 Photographers Awards says: “I have entered and had my work accepted every year since 1998, when I was an assistant. This success has helped by keeping my work in front of all the important advertising agencies.”  

Gold winner from 2012 Photographers Awards Jeroen Hofman has been featured in the Awards Book three times over the last six years.  The consequences he has seen from this have been really positive: “Although winning Gold hasn't resulted in long lines of customers outside my studio door, it has created a lot of attention for my work, especially in the UK and US. It has also significantly increased traffic to my website.”

The Photographers Awards vastly benefits not only our UK members, but our international members too. Having won two Best in Categories in 2012 Photographers Awards, Oliver Haupt, who is based in Madrid, has since been able to secure a UK agent.  “It also became a lot easier to make appointments with clients as my work had already been exposed to such a wide variety of people in the industry.”

Even if you don’t get your work into the final selection, Julia says: “having it seen by highly qualified judges will always benefit you in the long run.”  Oliver, who joined the membership recently in 2011 “In addition to the industry exposure, the competition has helped me become a lot more critical of my own work. The process of selecting images really changes your vision and makes you see things through someone else's eyes.”

We're certain this positive feedback from your peers is all the encouragement you need and you've still got until 6pm Friday 31 May to get your entries in!  Enter here.

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