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Copyright Hub surveys professional photographers

20 December 2012

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Members will recall Hargreaves in his Review of IP recommending a Digital Copyright Exchange (DCE). The concept has evolved into the Copyright Licensing Steering Group (CLSG) on which AOP Business and Legal director, Gwen Thomas, will sit.

There are also four main workstreams; The Copyright Hub Launch Group, which AOP member and Stop43 co-founder, Paul Ellis is on, Data Building Blocks, Education Licensing and Images Metadata where the AOP will be represented by photographer and board member, Nick Dunmur. Within the Copyright Hub, Paul Ellis is involved in the Business Case and Metadata development workstreams and has invited AOP members to contribute to an important survey the results of which will be used to inform future discussions. Paul says: "We've prepared a survey of professional photographers to analyse how the photography markets work, how the Copyright Hub might affect them, and overall attitudes of photographers towards the Hub."



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