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Mindfulness for Creatives
Monday 27 January, Somerset House, Strand, London WC2R 1LA

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AOP – Mindfulness for Creatives

Monday 27 January, 17:30 - 20:00 

Somerset House, Strand, WC2R 1LA

AOP members £25

Non-members £35


Mindfulness is good for you, whoever you are…but it might be especially good for you if you are a creative.

In this introduction to mindfulness, former photo professional and mindfulness coach Adele Rider maps the benefits of mindful meditation for photographers and creatives. 

It will introduce key basic principles that aim to enhance wellbeing and relaxation, helping to cope with stress and pressure, and to sharpen mental focus and aid creativity. And it will demonstrate the first steps to using meditative practice in daily life providing advice and tips to start meditating at home and in the work place.

"Creatives, including photographers, are often really trapped within their own heads, they rely on creativity and ideas in their jobs, but they are not resources that you can turn on and off. People suffer from anxiety and self worth issues. Mindfulness offers a way to quieten those issues and to focus on what matters in every aspect of your life."

The class is suitable both for those new to meditation, for whom it will provide a grounding in key elements plus some simple techniques to take away and practise at home, and for those with some experience of the practise who would like to refresh their understanding.

Adele Rider has had a diverse career, working successfully in fashion and publishing and for twenty plus years working as a photographic agent in London.

In that time her company, Shoot Production, represented and marketed the talents of around 50 photographers – not all at once of course – working in all the varied realms of advertising and editorial. She also worked as an independent producer organising shoots for a range of clients including Sky TV.

Adele found mindfulness about seven years ago, when she began to explore it as a way of dealing with the stress and strain of business life. "The more I learned about the practice of mindful meditation," she says, "the more impressed I became by its power to bring calmness and balance back into life and help me to process issues in a relaxed and positive way."

In 2017 Adele closed her company, moved out of London and began to train as a mindfulness teacher. Although she still works as a freelance producer, she is now also a Breathworks accredited mindfulness teacher and runs various types of mindfulness groups and events.


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