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AOP Masterclasses at The Photography Show
Monday 18th March, Pro Conference

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As part of our presence at The Photography Show 2019, the AOP Team will be delivering masterclasses as part of Pro Conference on Monday 18th March. Our Business & Legal Advisor Nick Dunmur will be giving a talk on pricing, and Marketing Manager Rachel Rogers will be giving advice on how to market your business.


 Professional Pricing - What's Your Rate? 10:30 - 11:00

How to you go about setting your day-rate? Nick Dunmur will guide you through the process of understanding your business, your market and how to get your pricing just right.


Essential Marketing for Photographers 11:10 - 11:40

Don't be daunted by marketing - discover the essentials of promoting your business and work from the AOP's Rachel Rogers. Rachel will give tips on mastering Instagram, getting in front of commissioners, and using direct email campaigns.


Note: You must have an entry ticket or pass in addition to masterclass and conference tickets.

Pro Conference (photography) - half-day or two half-days: £10 / £15 


Please book ahead, as spaces are limited! 


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