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Peter Seaward

Photographer Overview

Pete has been a photographer for over 30 years. Working mainly on advertising campaigns, he's traveled the world extensively for major international clients.

His experience from client pre-production meetings through to final post-production has resulted in many successful campaigns winning numerous industry awards including being voted one of Luerzer's Achives 200 best Ad photographers in the world and won 'travel photographer of the year 2011' by the British Travel Press.

Whether it's studio or location, Pete has the experience to make it all happen.

He works regularly for Lonely Planet magazine and you can see his 'making of the India cover' on 'youtube'.

Recent commisions include a feature on Shakespeare's Italy with Francesco da Mosto, Moscow's iconic constructivist art with Marcell Theroux, Land Rover China in the Gobi desert and Tibet. Just finished an extensive tour of Switzerland for Lonely Planet Traveller.

Currently shooting a personal project in Bali for his forthcoming travel photography magazine.

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