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Iain Crockart

Photographer Overview

I’m based in London and I shoot on location and in the studio. I have a brilliant agent, the Lisa Pritchard Agency (LPA) we can provide a complete shoot production service, location/models, hair and make-up, stylists, set builders etc.

I have loved framing the world through a viewfinder for as long as I can remember. For 15 years before becoming a photographer, I was a Creative Director of an award winning design agency in London. My experiences have greatly influenced my approach and my eye, as a result my images are graphic, observed, composed, real, structured, dynamic and highly useable. I’m really happy to collaborate on an idea and I don’t forget vital stuff like safe zones for logos or type.

I understand branding and identity and the vital role that is played by the photographic image.

I work with advertising, design and PR agencies, I create campaigns, I also create large brand image libraries for use across a spectrum of platforms, I love shooting people and portraits and I have developed a way of creating a controlled reportage environment to enable me to record the true personality of a company. I take images for annual reports, shoot ad campaigns, portraits, landscapes, graphic still life, editorial stories and most everything else in between.

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