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Amit and Naroop

Photographer Overview

Amit and Naroop have been working together since 2003

They came together on a photo shoot for a music artist. Amit was the photographer, while Naroop had been brought on board as the art director.

The shoot went amazing. They both instantly recognised that the creative chemistry between them was brilliant. They bounced ideas off each other, came up with interesting compositions and produced a set of images that was far superior to anything they had done before. Amit and Naroop was born.

With no formal training, they perfected their craft with constant experimentation using friends to pose for them and set up their first studio in Amit’s living room. Shooting music artists, their names quickly spread and a year later they bought their first studio in West London.

Having made a name for themselves in the music industry, they moved on to editorial, then advertising, known for their cool yet versatile approach to creating imagery.

With exhibitions in London, L.A and New York, their Sikh Project received global recognition, and in 2019, they released their best selling book Turbans and Tales, documenting the creation and images from the project.

Client list:
Adidas, Barclays, BBC, Samsung, Sunsilk, Discovery, MTV, Sky, Huawei, Universal Records, Sony Records,EMI Records, Warner Music, Island Records, Atlantic Records, Columbia Records, Future Records, Parlophone Records, Ministry of Sound, Universal Republic, Dawbell, FHM, Avalon, Wellman, Shortlist.

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