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Marc Rogoff

Photographer Overview

I first picked up a Polaroid camera at the age of 5 and have not stopped taking photos since. I worked as a designer and developer of fashion brands for most of my early career and made a late change to photography. My aesthetic tends to be quite dark, moody and emotive. I like to shoot with a narrative as I believe this draws the viewer in. Themes of Darkness and Light, Good and Evil, Love and Hate are what I am drawn to and kind of echo the Human condition. Opposite ends of the spectrum interest me -the fine line between between the extremes more specifically is where the magic happens - where all the interesting things in life emerge.

My style is also defined by my use of light. Light is the key to emotion in photography and I like to manipulate it for my own ends… The more lights I have the happier I am. I have won numerous awards over the last few years of which the most recent is the International Kontinent Awards.

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