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Shariq Siddiqui

Photographer Overview

My work includes commercial, corporate and editorial assignments. 

I especially shoot a lot of portraits, mostly of people at their most relaxed and natural. I can communicate effectively with anyone with whom I have a language in common and with many with whom I don’t. 

My clients include creative and communications agencies, large corporations, magazines, entrepreneurs and entertainers.

Right from planning a project or shoot, to meticulous composition, effective use of light and lighting, colour-correction and post-production, through to preparing images for print and display - my workflow is efficient and consistent, and I’m a problem-solver by nature.

I've lived in London since 2005 and love it. I’m originally from India, and I'm told my homeland somehow manages to find its way into my photos.

You'll find my images crisp yet approachable, and you'll find me to be a communicative, resourceful and reliable creative partner.

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