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Dominic James

Photographer Overview

*COVID-19 Lockdown project around where I live near Newmarket has been to document the Horses in Training around the gallops and yards. The work can be seen on the URL below.


Sports and luxury lifestyle photography´╗┐.

I've been photographing in the sports/luxury lifestyle space for many years. Although based in the UK I'm working for clients all over the world, photographing people's lifestyles, sports, and goods. I have come from a background of working for a global media brand, then co-owning and running a brand design agency in London called Deep this has all helped hone my visual sense and creative style.

I love a bit of technology and have always kept myself at the forefront, trying and breaking new ground when the opportunity has arisen, using the tools needed to get a job done, which includes becoming a qualified drone pilot, so I can take and capture aerial footage and still's, perfect for today's social media and content needs. I also have a skippers license for sailing and racing yachts which assist me with some projects.

My experience has led me to many corners of our amazing world, such as shooting a windsurfer crossing the sea from Hong Kong to Macau, and Polo in Thailand. Through to California for fashion and automotive photography. Not forgetting my home country of the United Kingdom where I love photographing for clients such as Jaeger-LeCoultre, Ideaworks, Goodwood, the RNLI, Wall Street Journal, Hotel & Resort brands and many more.

For some bigger production projects, I bring together a team of professionals - videographers, stylists, production companies, assistants, etc. And can adapt easily to the size of the project and timescales required.

I am very passionate about photography and personally, I love photographing landscapes and horses - especially in a remote location or ones involved in a sport. This has given me an amazing network of contacts who I work with regularly, and I can be found at most of the major polo tournaments.

If you've read this far, and like my photographs, have a project you need shooting or filming, please do get in touch using the details below.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Dominic James
+44 7973 739 960
Qualified skippers license
UK CAA Commercial licensed drone pilot

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