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Simon Mooney

Photographer Overview

Experience of real world people, sport and documentary photography and film-making is a big influence on the commercial work I do. Keeping it real and creating energy sparks the kind of moments that make great pictures.

I often work alone but build a team for bigger productions. Eight of us worked on the Beyond campaign recently and more than 50 people made McDonald's Olympics happen.

We develop the treatment, design the production, cast and rehearse and find the location. We've staged sports tournaments, styled hundreds of fans and used music, video, comedy, dancers and industrial heaters to bring layouts to life.

Work for clients like Audi, Umbro, Sony, Fiat and McDonald's has been recognised in the Association of Photographers, Campaign Press, D&AD and Cannes Lion awards. We established the Football Association's official photo library with 250,000 pictures and built and run archives for the England team, The David Beckham Academy, Everton and Tottenham Hotspur.

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