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Mike Laye

Photographer Overview

After 22 years as a professional photographer, I was finally swept away, driftwood in the digital river, to a new life on the internet. I now run my own Web development company in Bristol specialising in the presentation and distribution of visual imagery (see my website for more details).

Although I had previously resigned from The Association of Photographers when I ceased being an active commercial photographer, I was proud to be elected an Honorary Member at the Millennial AGM.

I continue to have a passion for visual images of all sorts and work closely with many AOP members. Although I am no longer actively seeking commissioned work as a photographer, my back catalogue, especially of conceptual, music and personality pictures is still available (for instance, one of my pictures was recently used for the best selling Billy Connolly biography cover).

You can see some examples in my portfolio on-line here, but you are welcome to contact me to discuss your needs.

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