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Karan Kapoor

Photographer Overview

Influenced by his immersion in cinematography and reflecting his photojournalism background, Karan Kapoor's collectible images are slick, stylish and glamorous. He is renowned for his polished, dynamic yet spontaneous style. Karan is drawn to characters and stories, finding inspiration in the movement and energy of his subjects.

From photojournalism he moved into advertising. Since 2000, he has worked on high-profile campaigns for major brands including the Atlantis Hotel Dubai, Twiggy for Olay, Vodafone, JWT, Nissan, Guinness, NatWest Bank, Gordon's Gin, Bell's Whisky, Greenpeace, The National Trust, Debenhams, Sky, Boots, Bacardi, Dove and Avon. He has worked with renowned agencies including Ogilvy, Team Saatchi, JWT, Draft FCB and Grey Health.

As a photojournalist, his images have appeared in The Sunday Times, The Telegraph, The Observer, The Independent and glossy magazines including Vogue, Elle, Harpers and Marie Claire.

Karan has been exhibited in London at the Photographers Gallery, Royal Acadmy of Arts and the Commonwealth Institute. His work continues to be critically acclaimed by the photography industry: he was selected for the American Photography 23 and 26 awards and had two prints nominated for the 2007 Black and White Spider Awards. In 2008, he received an honourable mention in the PX3 Competition, the International Photography Awards and the Black and White Spider Awards. In 2009, he was awarded first place and two honourable mentions in the International Photography Awards.

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