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Ted Humble-Smith

Photographer Overview

Ted Humble-Smith is a London-based photographer and director who brings a sense of underlying magic to the meticulous conceptual images he creates for the luxury fashion, beauty, jewelry, and business worlds.

Bringing his attentive eye and deep relationship with nature into the built studio environment, Ted’s still life images are anything but static, as every photograph is infused with a sense of action or motion. His motion work shares the same vibrant spirit and a connection to the natural world.

A true polymath who works across a number of sectors, Ted is adept at bringing together teams of scientists, model-builders, engineers, doctors, mathematicians, sculptors, set designers and artists to create engaging imagery for his international clientele and personal projects.
Born in Poole, England, much of Ted’s work is inspired by the ocean. He says, “The cycle of life exists around us in so many ways, everything has a cycle, creativity, plants, and animals. We and they are all moving the whole time,” and this point-of-view is reflected in his work.

When not in the studio, Ted, an ardent surfer, can be found outdoors near the sea or in the garden planting, pruning and nurturing his garden with his wife, Sam, and their son, Oscar.

His recent large-scale series, “GREAT for Imagination,” was commissioned by the UK government’s GREAT Britain Campaign, in conjunction with the Intellectual Property Office, to creatively interpret four hundred years of original and ground-breaking patents. The project has been featured on the BBC, and the sculptures and imagery are now being exhibited across Europe, showcasing British innovation four hundred years in the making.

MacRobert 50, which celebrates the Royal Academy of Engineering’s MacRobert Award is currently being exhibited at the National Science and Media Museum in the UK. And featured by the BBC.

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