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Nick Dolding

Photographer Overview

Nick has a vast experience of both large and small productions on location and in the studio. An advertising photographer with many years experience shooting all over the world for major blue chip companies.

He gained massive experience shooting still life before the transition to larger productions involving an ever increasing amount of people and complexity.

For the last fifteen years he's shot more and more people and 'am now shooting lots of lifestyle for clients that vary from Nintendo to Special K to Paypal and campaigns for HSBC, Sainsbury, Waitrose, Poppy Appeal, Philips and many other leading brands.

Recently Nick has specialised in shooting children where he has the ability of getting those client required 'moments'.

Shooting for stock has enabled him to finance and fulfill new test and additions to constantly update the portfolio, these most recently include his on going Peckham BMX series as well as, Cut Up's and Me You Everyone.

Children, People, 'Considered' lifestyle and wandering around with a camera in interesting locations and environments.

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