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Mark Webster

Photographer Overview

I’m a photographer with over a decade’s experience in photographing people for marketing. My work focuses on capturing in-situ images that have an authentic, caught moment feel to them, despite the shoot being planned out and constructed.

A lot of my influence comes from documentary photography, I like images that have a story and don’t feel contrived. My aim is to allow the subjects to relax into the scenario, creating a natural scene. Even the best of planning doesn’t always work out, consequently I’ve become quickly adaptable, good at problem solving and thinking on my feet.

For personal work and information on projects check out my Behance page.

My clients include Kaplan, Liberty Living and University of Leeds. The majority of my work has been in the sectors of education and accommodation but I’m branching out into other areas. I’m also currently planning a personal documentary project which I’ll be working on once the lockdown gets lifted.

If you’re interested in working with me, and creating some new photography for your brand, send me an email or give me a call and we can chat through any upcoming projects.

I’m based in London, working U.K. and worldwide.

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