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Peter Lippmann

Photographer Overview

Peter Lippmann was born in New York and grew up in New Jersey. He has been based in Paris since 1990.

By using various photographic techniques within his images he blends different eras from art history. His work invites us to rethink our perception of the past and the present.
His series "Tatouages" and "Women of History", a collabortion with Christian Louboutin, revisit classic iconic paintings through the prism of contemporary photography. This homage to art history is revealed by Lippmann’s signature chiaroscuro lighting technique, which is also present in his series "Forgotten Caves".

A recurring theme in his work is the ephemerality of Nature and it’s elegant forms.
In "Noble Rot" the artist preserves the fragile state of decaying grapes by photographing them in the hope of revealing their singular fleeting beauty.
This beauty in Nature is magnified in the series "Cacti", which is an ode to the hypnotic shapes of succulent plants.

Finally, in "Sole Town (Ruins from Detroit)", "Paradise Parking" et "Vanités" the artist interrogates us about the relationship between objects, mankind and Nature. These series touch upon two themes that are held high in the artist’s esteem: the passage of time and the memory of objects.

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