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Jo Fober

Photographer Overview

Hi, my name is Jo Fober and working as a photographer for the past 20
years. I originally started as a fashion photography and gradually moved to architectural photography over the years.
I started out with Hasselblad, because I’ve used the Phase One Back on a Hasselblad
camera. However, end of 2015 I changed over to PhaseOne XF Camera body and I love this one, too.
Most of the time both cameras are inside my kitbag; Cambo with 2 Rodenstock lenses, 32mm and 90mm T/S. PhaseOne XF Body with IQ4 150, 45mm, 55mm, 80mm and 120mm lenses.
Stitching shots is part of the game when shooting as an architectural photographer. This capability was paramount when choosing the right camera. The lenses I chose have a wide enough image circle so I can apply the required movement for stitching.”
Since 2016, my works in architectural photography are being published periodically in
Qvest magazines – the Paris, Cologne, New York City and Vienna editions so far. Three of those publications even made it to the magazine cover.
My first book by ‘Bachem Verlag’ 'Cologne, face of a city', was released in 2018 and this summer the 2nd edition is planned.

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