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Eleanor Church

Photographer Overview

I'm an award-winning photographer and filmmaker, working in both fields for over 15 years. Specialising in portraits, brand storytelling, kids photography and documentary.

With a background in documentary, investigative and creative filmmaking and photography, my work has taken me across the UK and the world. I've worked on a whole range of projects, both documentary and commercial, with a particular interest in stories that focus on society, environment, women, human rights, migration and supply chains. A number of my assignments have had a direct impact on policy change - something I'm really proud of.

More recently, I've started also working with brands and makers in the UK, telling their stories through images of portraits, process and products. I will continue to do international assignments when regulations permit.

My work is broad but it all has a common thread running through it - people. The thing that I treasure the most about my work is meeting people and having the privilege to tell their story through pictures and words.

I'm as happy with my camera up a mountain, in the middle of the ocean or a jungle, in the backstreets of a heaving foreign city as I am in the quiet of a person's home, a field or a studio.

I did my Foundation Studies and BA at Camberwell College of Arts and I have a Masters degree in Documentary Practice. I've travelled widely, worked in 35 countries to date and lived in a number of European cities. These days, I live in North Essex with my family where you'll find me jumping into the sea or estuary at least once a week.

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