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John Alexander

Photographer Overview


My photographic practice began in 1991, continued while at University, and throughout a career as a Royal Navy Bomb Disposal and Diving Officer.

With a career that led me far and wide a series of journeys and encounters fuelled passion and practice, and ultimately to a path to become an accredited member of the AOP and a Fellow the Royal Geographical Society.

Visual Storyteller

Internationally published my work can be seen in titles such as China Newsweek, Forbes' and The New York Times, and publications such as British Airways First, Carve, Land Rover, Oceanographic and Sidetracked Magazines.

With an ability to shoot overland and undersea my body of work spans adventure, documentary and travel. Stories shot in the high Himalaya and Western Mongolia have been the subject of interviews by Arc'teryx, Hasselblad and The Royal Photographic Society, while his underwater imagery has been used to support both advertising and conservation campaigns globally.


Highlights include Not to Conquer documenting an expedition as they weave their way to Mount Everest, Isle to Isle, a journey through the highlands and islands of Scotland, over to Mongolia for Generations a cultural study set in the High Altai, and Stewards of the Sea, covering conservation efforts above and below the waves in Barbados.


While select stories continue to be featured by renowned camera manufacturer Hasselblad, the more immersive project Generations has been the subject of interview by the Royal Photographic Society.

Elements from this will be exhibited twice this year. In Paris from 27 to 29 May 2022, and again in Milan, from 7 to 30 October 2022.



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