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John Alexander

Photographer Overview

John is an internationally published photographer, Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and former Navy Diver with over 20 years of professional experience.

My photographic practice began in 1991, continued at University, and within a first career that took me around the World as an Officer and Clearance Diver in the Royal Navy.

A passion for the medium, and the pull of the path less traveled, led me ashore to become an accredited member of the Association of Photographers and a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.

Inspired by the beauty of our planet and the diversity of her citizens my passion is photographing people in places, crafting narratives and capturing moments to ignite interest and evoke emotion.

Whether acclimatising with Sherpas, riding with Eagle Hunters, suspended with Free Divers, or hanging out with Surfers, my aim is to offer authenticity and a sense of connection with whom I work.

While some of my Projects are featured by Hasselblad this approach has been used within commercial advertising and editorial features within British Airways’ First, China Newsweek, Forbes’, NY Times, Land Rover, Oceanographic and Sidetracked Magazines, and The Surfers Path.

Specialist Skills

As a former Navy Diver I'm at complete ease in the oceanic environment equipped with the expertise to shoot challenging briefs, mindset to credibly manage risk, and experience to enable the creative production to explore the corners of the creative envelope.

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