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John Alexander

Photographer Overview


I’m a visual storyteller, using photography to capture moments and to craft images. I aim to engage, intrigue and inspire the mind.

As comfortable in the high Himalaya as I am undersea, I combine a sympathetic use of lighting and a tactile approach to direction to secure a sense of connection – shared by the sitter, the viewer and myself.

On set I’m a communicative collaborator, mindfully applying my life experience by offering fresh thinking to challenge creative boundaries and applying intuitive problem-solving skills.

I’m an accredited member of the AOP, Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, and a former Navy Diver too.

My work has been used within a variety of campaigns - you may have seen my images featured by Swedish camera manufacturer Hasselblad and within British Airways’ First, Forbes, China Newsweek, Land Rover, Oceanographic and Sidetracked Magazines, The Surfers Path and The New York Times.

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