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Adrian John Leeds

Photographer Overview

AJ found his passion for photography at a young age, when he found joy in playing with his first toy camera. He knew, from the moment he took his first picture, that this was to become his life’s path. This passion, for seeing the world through imagery, has taken him all over the world where he has now formed a strong base for all of his work. Shortly after leaving university life, he found his true love, who later went on to become one of his finest associates. He continues his love of art direction and photographing all manner of styles and forms, ranging from editorial to high fashion.

AJ is currently based in the UK with his partner. His images have been featured in The Bath Chronicle and The Bath Magazine. He has also formed a strong photography base in South East Asia where his images have been used in various start-up companies, and well-established media outlets like Sabay Media.

What AJ enjoys the most is working with people and capturing true candid moments. This is how he been able to develop a strong portfolio of portrait and behind the scenes shots.

AJ has traveled the world, from South East Asia to The United States of America, going where the work is required. He has worked with larger production companies and has a number of assistants on hand, all over the world, for larger scale jobs.

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