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Rebecca Miller

Photographer Overview

Rebecca Miller is an international fashion and portrait photographer, art director and visual storyteller who works with many leading agencies, brands and record labels. Stylistically, Rebecca uses atmosphere as a form of visual expression, placing equal emphasis on subject, light, location and colour in order to produce rich distinctive images that express a deep narrative.
From an early age, Rebecca was adventurous, breaking into abandoned buildings in Northern California to find the perfect photographic locations to cultivate her craft. She then spent her formative years after college in London, where her work took inspiration from British life and culture. She now splits her time between London, NYC, and LA. Her clients include Disney, Wedgwood, Baileys, NBC, Universal, Harrods, The Hollywood Reporter, Billboard, The Telegraph and Vice.



John Parkinson Agency

+44(0)20 7278 6882

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929 294 1045

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