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JC Candanedo

Photographer Overview

I’m JC, and I use photography to explore Human Rights, Mental Health and Identity and influence my commercial work in Fashion, Beauty and Portraiture.

I am interested in what it means to be Human and what is our connection with the rest of Humanity. What are our Individual rights? What are our Collective rights? What is our relationship with ourselves and the bodies that we inhabit and how is this relationship influenced by the world around us?

Before becoming a photographer, I was a Project Manager for 20 years, and all the skills learnt in my previous industry help me to deliver my photography projects to my clients successfully.

I also write a Blog about my experiences working in the Creative Industries where I talk about the industry and the business of photography through interviews to other creatives, features on fellow photographers and opinion pieces on social issues.

I am a member of the Association Of Photographers - AOP, of Humanists UK - an organisation that campaigns for Human Rights (LGBTQ+ rights, Women’s reproductive rights and the rights of non-religious people), and I am a Founding Member of Out For Good, an organisation of LGBT+ people supporting the community, breaking down barriers and making a difference throughout the UK. I am also a Students' Career Mentor at Kingston University.

Ultimately, my goal is to use my work as a photographer to help make this a Better World.

If you have a project you'd like to discuss or any questions you would like to ask, just get in touch. I'd love to hear from you!

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