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JC Candanedo

Photographer Overview

I’m JC, London based Fashion and Portraits photographer.

I’m originally from Panama but I have lived all over the world (US, France, Spain, Australia) and the energy of reinvention and rebirth that I have drawn from my personal experiences is what informs my work.

I have a passion for real, genuine beauty in photography which translates into a commitment to an ethical approach: my aim is to avoid promoting the fictions of eternal youth and falsity in general.

What inspires me is the idea of bringing fresh air into the Fashion industry, keeping alive the perspective of someone who has been on the outside looking in for a long time. I also want to be able to raise awareness of the issues that matter to me the most: eradication of discrimination of any kind (race, origin, gender, age, orientation, body type) to build a more inclusive fashion industry.

I work with a wide range of Editorial and Commercial clients, from international Fashion Magazines, to Modeling agencies, to Fashion Designers and Brands and my work has been published and exhibited internationally.

I also offer Portrait Services to Corporate Clients, along with Lookbooks, Headshots and Model Portfolios.

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