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Aidan McCarthy


Services: -
Phone: 07798830957
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Based in: London
City: London
Country: United Kingdom

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Member description

I am a London based photographer whose background is in the fashion industry,working with both avant garde designers and editorial titles, as well as commercial clients. I have recently developed a new, non fashion, strand in my portfolio, in which I have tried to capture moods of mystery and beauty. These are the fugitives that I am trying to trap.

I am interested in the transformational and metaphorical power of photography, and in particular looking to create layered photographs which need to be contemplated gently in a fast moving world. My particular inspiration is the tension found in the interface between the natural and the artificial, often found in the City, a place where we vibrate between the common need to congregate and conform, and yet are ultimately alone on our own journeys.

If you would like to view any of my print folios please go to my contact page for details.

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