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Paul Ligas Photography


Services: Photographer - non-accredited
Phone: 07876256358
Fax: -
Mobile: -
Based in: West Midlands
City: Hereford
Country: United Kingdom

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My Values:

I'm an Ethical Photographer. I've always had a deep passion for conservation and protection of the natural environment. I believe in the importance of sustainability, of preserving and enhancing the natural environment.

I believe in supporting those experiencing disadvantage and in creating and maintaining a healthy, vibrant, multicultural community for the benefit of everyone – making the world a better place, starting with where I live.

I work for clients who share those values, in regenerative farming and agri-business, and more.

I create photographs with a genuine sense of warmth that stand apart from the overly lit, overly edited images that can seem so removed from what we see. I bring unique, naturalistic and natural light photography directly to businesses, as well as to clients of web designers, marketing agencies, publishers, and more.

Clients have included: Henry Weston Cider, Haygrove Limited, Shockingly Fresh Limited, Ledbury Poetry Festival, and many small and medium sized businesses across the West Midlands and beyond.

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