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Geoff Langan


Services: Photographer - non-accredited , Drone Operator
Phone: 07850754471
Fax: -
Mobile: 07850754471
Based in: South West
City: Bristol
Country: United Kingdom

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Member description

I am drawn to capturing industrial landscapes. As a commercial photographer I shoot in a deliberately stylised way so I can give expression to subjects that are often regarded as… well…boring; building sites, utility buildings and industry.

Pre-production: I work to understand the photographic brief and the photograph/s eventual usage. Consideration is given to on-site access, safety requirements, timings and weather conditions. Where drone flying required, I complete the necessary risk assessment paperwork to ensure all flights are safe. I have full professional insurance.

On-site: I use skill, technical and creative responses to capture my photographs. However, much time I spend on planning it is never enough to prepare me for every eventuality. I like working this way! I’m at my best when I am spontaneously reacting to events unfolding in from of me. Perhaps I like the pressure of working in an unfamiliar environment with new people, for a client that deserves quality and a situation that limits or restricts me. Delays, time restrictions, unavailability of the product, lack of access are all in a day’s work. I try not to concentrate on problems but look for solutions instead.

Post-production: This is the crucial stage of the photographic process. It’s where photographs are created. With a well-composed and technically correct picture, the opportunities to get the most emotion from a photograph are endless. It is where I give a photograph its personality to make it stand out. I usually approach this with the sensibilities of a jazz musician. It’s the same photograph that I originally took, but now I introduce shades, hues and depth to transcend it.

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