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29 January 2019

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We catch up with Matt Beveridge Executive Creative Director & Co-founder, Pebble Studios - Curator of the new Innovation category.


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Tell us about Pebble and your role
I founded Pebble Studios (with two others) seven years ago. I was our sole designer and animator. To start with the aim was simple, we wanted to make great videos for great clients. That’s it. However since then we’ve grown. We work with bigger clients, such as Disney, Samsung, ABC, X-Box, Virgin Media and adidas to name just a few. We have nicer, shinier offices with nearly 30 employees. And as you grow these aims begin to evolve. We still want to make great videos for great clients. But now we also want to grow people’s careers, have a fantastic culture, stay at the forefront of ever-evolving technology, come up with genuinely unique and engaging projects, generate industry leading creative and have a great time in the process. The details of my role seem to change on a daily basis. But at the heart of it, it’s about creating the best work possible and growing a team of fantastic people who will be proud to say that they work at Pebble.

Through your career you will have seen the development of new technologies, how do you embrace working with these and where do you see it heading?
The technology within this industry is constantly evolving. The things that people find entertaining are constantly evolving. The way we talk to each other is constantly evolving. These are the reasons that’s it’s so fun. No-one knows where it’s going, what is going to be a fad and what is going to stick. There are no experts, just curious enthusiasts who ride the waves as best they can. The important thing is to enjoy the paddling.  

Can you tell us about the most exciting and perhaps challenging project you have worked on.
Nope. I signed a big and scary looking NDA . . . Sorry. That’s often the way with the best stuff. You can’t tell anyone you did it, but you have to be happy with quietly, anonymously, making something epic. Which is fine with me.

Whose work do you admire?
Beeple – Pure, relentless, artistic experimentation. Some hits, some misses, but always evolving and always asking questions.  

As curator of our new Innovation category of The Open Awards what will you be looking for?
Future-focused experimentation. Aesthetic excellence. Strategic insight. Personality.

What would your advice be to people entering this category?
Passion and enthusiasm for your craft will always be evident in the final product. When combined with insight-driven creative, you’ve got a winning formula.


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