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21 December 2018

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Continuing with our series of interviews with The Awards Curators we have Ben Nash - Deputy Head of Creative Production from Karmarama.

6Ben Nash


Tell us about your role at Karmarama
It’s a new role for me that provides me with the privilege of making a difference to how the agency interacts with photographers . Work should be fun and inspiring so I work with the team to bring the skills of Art Buying back to our Creative Producers and agency to better our creative output and the teams everyday job satisfaction.


Which photographers inspire you?
Jonas Bendikson, Em Cole and Jamie MacFadyen – The man can shoot everything and is a legend to work with.


When you are looking to commission photographers, where do you go to find them and what qualities are you looking for?
Personally, I look for a photographer who has captured something unexpected and perfectly timed. It sounds obvious but I think everyone has their own interpretation of what this means which is always interesting to discuss and share. 

At work we love getting photographers and production companies into the office to inspire us and develop long standing relationships. The qualities we look for can be found somewhere between their personal and commercial work. 


As curator for the Project Category of The Photography Award what in your opinion makes for a winning visual story?
A series of images that capture our complete attention.


What would your advice be to our members entering this category?
Tell us a story.

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