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11 December 2018

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Second up in our series of interviews with our Awards Curators is Helen Parker: Co-Founder and Executive Producer, Another.  Read on to find out about Helens role, how commissioning is changing or not for photography and what she feels makes for an award winning image.

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Tell us about your role at Another.
At Another Production we spend a lot of our time meeting creative talent, be it Photographers or Directors, to ensure our clients get the best and most relevant talent for their briefs.  We also ensure high production values for each campaign by producing each job from start to finish, so a lot of time is spent in the production detail on each shoot.  I am actively involved in meeting clients, understanding their marketing brief and requirements and making sure the team delivers the very best work against that. 


We understand that Another is run by a completely female team. Can you talk to us about your initiatives to support females in the photographic industry.
We are actively involved in promoting female talent, whether this be our own photographic mentorship programme or running events showcasing female talent to the industry as part of our Female Lens programme. 


How is commissioning changing for photography?  
I don’t really feel commissioning has changed in the 15 years I’ve been doing it, although trends and styles have changed a great deal in that time and we are now looking for a much more ‘authentic and real’ photography style.  More clients are briefing and working directly so that’s a challenge for agencies but it also allows for more collaborations.


As curator of the Food and Drink Category of The Photography Awards what in your opinion makes for an award winning image? 
I think this about saliency and cut-through. The image needs to jump off the page and be visually beautiful or intriguing, as well as delicious. 


What would your advice be to our members entering this category?
This is a brilliant and creative category, so I wouldn’t hold back in submitting flamboyant and arresting imagery. I think really sweating executional details such as retouching and colour correction is worth the effort for this category in particular to create real organoleptic appeal for the audience. 

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