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30 November 2018

Honey Cakes copy

© Polly Webster

We catch up with recently joined member Polly Webster who shoots food & lifestyle.  Polly offers an insight into the essentials of being a food photographer, what makes for a great location along with offering her advice to those beginning a photographic career.

Roasted Squash Sage

© Polly Webster


How did you get into Photography?
My father was a food & landscape photographer so from an early age I have always loved photography. He taught me what I know now so I’ve learnt from the best.


White Surfer Cropped]

© Polly Webster


What are the most crucial things to remember when shooting food?
The right lighting is the most important element of my shots. I prefer to use natural light as often as possible and even when using lights I create the same feel. It's also vital to make sure the food looks as delicious and vibrant as possible. Ensuring I select the correct props to compliment the food is something I enjoy doing for every shoot.


What has been your favourite location for a shoot?
This summer I had the opportunity to visit the beautifully quaint island of Île de Ré in France. The island has a fascinating magnetism due to it's ability to maintain a slower pace of life whilst also offering an array of restaurants and busy food markets to amble through. This was such a memorable place for me to shoot as I like to tell the story behind my pictures. I want the background of the places I visit to be as important as the food.


Holding Baguettes

© Polly Webster


What would your dream commission be?
At the moment I primarily shoot food shots but travel is also such an important part of my life. I thrive on being out of the studio discovering new places to shoot, so being able to combine food and travel would be a dream. I feel I can combine the feel of a location in the food I capture. For example capturing the vibrant colours of India or the exotic aqua marines of Thailand. To be able to pair those colours with the food and props I select, I think the end results would be amazing. 


White stones boardwalk

© Polly Webster


We love your Instagram feed how do you go about marketing your work?
My focus has been creating quality images and content for the audience I want to connect with. I’ve found just getting out there and sharing my passion has consistently been one of the most authentic and effective forms of marketing.


Honey Cakes

© Polly Webster


Do you have any advice for anyone starting out as a photographer?
The first thing I would always say is to make sure photography is your passion. You want to walk down the street and see life as a photograph you can capture. To view the shadows of a tree as a piece of art and the greys of a storm as a story to be told.

Also, take your time to find what works for you as a photographer. Perhaps the right thing for you is shooting landscapes or the smile of a bride on her wedding day. Whatever it may be just make sure it is right for you. 


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