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28 November 2018

34PAG 23781 67344 Tim Flach copy 2

© Tim Flach

London-born photographer and AOP Member Tim Flach is returning to his home town to exhibit ‘Endangered’, a collection of extraordinary photography that portrays the beauty and character of animals that are rare, vulnerable or in imminent danger of becoming extinct. Having travelled many thousands of miles to capture creatures in their natural habitat over a period of 20 months, Flach describes the project as the most important work he has completed so far in his career.

Endangered will be on display from Wednesday 28 November 2018 to Thursday 3 January 2019 at the Wex Photo Video Gallery in London, E1. Entry is free of charge. Limited edition coasters featuring images from the Endangered portfolio, as well as signed copies of Flach’s book of the same title, will be on sale throughout the exhibition, with all proceeds being donated to Flach’s chosen wildlife and conservation charity, Whitley Fund for Nature.


Crowned Sifaka Lemur copyright Tim Flach 1

© Tim Flach. Crowned Sifaka Lemur.


From forests to desert, polar seas to the great coral reefs, Flach has constructed a powerful visual record of remarkable animals and ecosystems facing harsh challenges. Among them are primates coping with habitat loss, big cats in a losing battle with human settlements, elephants hunted for their ivory, and numerous bird species taken as pets.


Flach explains, “Never before has this subject been more pertinent. I photographed some of the most threatened species on Earth for this project. Several are recognised the world over and it is surprising to find these iconic animals on the brink of extinction, animals still proudly represented in films and books, as cuddly toys in the menagerie of a child’s bedroom. A feeling of heightened awareness – of our own immersion in nature – has become something I am always seeking to communicate in my work as a photographer.

“In traditional wildlife photography, animals are seen in their environment – wild and free, and thus the sense of ‘otherness’ (their separation from humans) is enhanced. I have tried to bridge that otherness and instead invite sameness by creating portraits of animals with a style of representation usually associated with humans, to emphasise their character and personality. Enhancing a feeling of kinship with animals is critical, for we must be emotionally touched to spur us into action. Today, it has never been so important to connect people to nature – our future depends on it.”


Matt Devine, head of content at Wex Photo Video, added, “We’re honoured to host Endangered at our gallery – only the second time the exhibition has been available to view in London. With environmental concerns in the spotlight globally, it could not be a better time to showcase Tim’s incredible work in this field, and we are thrilled to support him and the cause he is highlighting, by featuring a collection of his most thought-provoking photographs.”


Exhibition venue: Wex Photo Video Gallery 37-39 Commercial Road, London E1 1LF Tel: 020 7380 1144 Nearest tube: Aldgate East Opening hours can be found here. Entry to the exhibition is free of charge.

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