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PROCESS GALLERY: Member Nick Veasey opens new space in Kent.

21 November 2018

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© Ashley Gendek

Last weekend the stunning new Process Gallery opened its door to local art lovers in Lenham Kent. Mayor of Maidstone, David Naghi was one of the guests who celebrated at the launch with world renowned X-ray artist and AOP Member, Nick Veasey. 

NVXray AshleyGendek LR 18 11 06 46 of 48 1

© Ashley Gendek


The gallery combines the working studio of artist Nick Veasey, a stunning gallery space and in 2019, sculpture gardens. As well as showing Veasey’s work, the gallery will in the future support other contemporary artists. It also provides a world first, as visitors will be able to watch Nick at work in the purpose built X-ray chamber.


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© Ashley Gendek


Nick Veasey, a Kent-based artist whose work is comprised of X-ray images, has exhibited his work globally. He uses X-ray technology to ‘strip back the layers’ and show what is under the surface, exploring our obsession as a culture with external appearances and undermining their superficial value.

Nick comments, ‘X-ray is an honest process – it has integrity, it reveals how a subject is designed whether that be by man or by nature. By removing surface detail and exposing the normally invisible internal make up of an object my work is a continuous comment about the superficiality of modern life. It’s what is on the inside that really matters.’

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© Ashley Gendek


Process Gallery was purpose built to enable Veasey’s practise and also provide exhibition space for the viewing public. The gallery was designed by multi-award winning Guy Hollaway Architects, who work in London and Kent, and incorporates a unique solid concrete X-ray chamber that was cast on site.

Comments Guy Hollaway, ‘our inspiration for the building was to reflect the function of the artist. The sculptural form of the chamber emulates the splay of the X-ray machine. Objects are X-rayed from above, the higher the X-ray machine, the larger the object which can be captured. The entire building exposes the artist’s process, complete with a camera- lens window which frames a view of the gallery.’



© Nick Veasey


The striking concrete pyramid houses a bespoke studio for Nick Veasey’s X-ray equipment. The results are beguilingly detailed and were described by London’s Victoria & Albert museum ‘forensic investigation as an art form’. In addition to the V&A, Veasey has work in many other eminent international museums and collections and is represented by commercial galleries all over the world.


Superman Clark Kent Lenticular

© Nick Veasey


Process Gallery Sandway Road, Sandway, Lenham, Kent ME17 2LU

View more of Nick Veasey's work here 

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