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COPYTRACK enforces image copyright for legendary Nirvana photographer

19 November 2018

Kurt Cobain by Rab Lewin copy

© Rab Lewin

Image theft of almost 30-year-old Kurt Cobain Photos: COPYTRACK enforces image copyright for legendary Nirvana photographer.

AOP Associate member Copytrack who are a worldwide leading image copyright enforcer, has successfully recovered image copyright payments for the legendary Nirvana photographer Rab Lewin. Lewin took iconic images back in the 90s of Kurt Cobain and Nirvana in Berlin. Recently, he discovered that these images were being used by a well-known European television station and a global online news site, among others.


Kurt Cobain by Rab Lewin

© Rab Lewin. Kurt Cobain


The reason Lewin's grunge images were all of a sudden being used was quickly discovered: The websites published his photos on the anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death in 2017 in their photo libraries. However, adequate licenses for using his images were not found. The media companies used Lewin's Nirvana images without permission.

"I heard that some of my images were popping up in all sorts of media. I hadn’t authorised this, and I wasn’t pleased about them being used without permission. A friend told me about Copytrack and I signed up to help sort out this issue", Rab Lewin describes his case.

Copytrack successfully stands up for the rights of photographers, including Lewin. Alone the two prominent image theft cases mentioned paid a remuneration of approximately $2,300 (€2000) for European unauthorised usage. The author of the rock pictures, Rab Lewin, emphasises: " I was very pleased with the way Copytrack handled this. They were very professional, and their communications were really efficient. I am going to continue my association with them, because it means that I can spend my time doing creative and artistic photography, rather than having to expend a lot of effort tracking down unauthorised uses of my work".

Video interview with Rab Lewin about the Nirvana case:


The COPYTRACK service is risk-free for photographers and image agencies Copytrack monitors the worldwide online use of images, including the enforcement of image rights. Detecting images is possible with our specially developed "Reverse Image Search Engine Technology", which has an accuracy of 98% for found duplicate images on the Internet. The service is offered free of charge to photographers, publishers, image agencies and e-commerce providers. It enables online international image theft to be found and pursued in a time-saving manner and without using expensive lawyers. Only successful cases, will Copytrack retain a part of the fee as commission.


Copytrack Logo copy


About Copytrack Copytrack paves the way for carefree online use of digital images. The Berlin-based legal tech company not only monitors photos and illustrations used online, but also takes care of the worldwide subsequent licensing and legal enforcement of copyright infringements. The service is aimed at photographers, publishers, news and photo agencies, as well as, e-commerce providers worldwide. According to their "no win, no fee" policy, the complete range of services is risk-free for all users, because Copytrack only receives a percentage commission in the event of success.

Copytrack uses its own intelligent reverse image search technology to find images used without a valid license, which has a hit accuracy of approx. 98%. Users simply identify which found images are used without a valid license and can then determine their desired compensation. Copytrack also offers a convenient license calculator to help users determine fees automatically.

The company was founded in 2015 by Marcus Schmitt and today employs more than 35 international staff members, who have already successfully enforced cases in more than 80 countries.

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