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16 November 2018

Izzy Nick copy

© John Slater


In his unique series ‘A Dog’s Life’, photographer John Slater has selected, sometimes at random and at times by design, a cross-section of people and their dogs, in both urban and rural surroundings. 

Marshall Bobby

© John Slater


Slater’s eye has been drawn not necessarily by the look of the animal or person in question, but by an instinct honed from a lifetime of experience behind the camera, that detected the tangible, yet unspoken bond that exists between dog and owner.  His portraits are spontaneous and honest, taken on the street, in a park, in the pub, or simply at home.


Basil Seb

© John Slater


As a result, his unobtrusive observations have captured the essence of a special relationship that all of these people share with their dogs and reveal what makes each so important.  His lens focuses unerringly on that individual connection, recognising the empathy, the humour, the exasperation, the joy and the love – pure and simple, that a dog brings into the life of its human friend.


Henry Livvy

© John Slater


With 35 very different portraits reflecting the lives of dogs and their owners, Slater has come away with one overriding impression.  ‘The owners believe themselves to be in control, but it is in fact their dogs that are in charge!’


Axel Vincenzo

© John Slater


I began my photography journey in a cupboard at the top of the stairs when I was 16 years old, processing and printing my own film. It became clear I would live and breathe my world through photography. I have travelled with it, met interesting people with it, learned from it, smiled with it, cried with it and it has given me some great highs.

When I have a camera with me I am once removed from all around me. It’s like an extra limb which gives me a new power: the power to create, whether it’s a still-life or a portrait, a grabbed moment or a carefully staged scenario.

‘The camera never lies’ they say, maybe that’s why people don’t like seeing someone with a camera. All I can say is that my camera doesn’t lie either but I enjoy distorting the truth with it. 

Exhibition Info:

16 November - 31 December 2019

Bigger Picture Gallery
100 High Street
EX17 3LF


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