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AGENT FOCUS: Peter Bailey

27 September 2018

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©Tom Martin

We catch up with AOP Agent Member Peter Bailey who tell us all about running a successful agency and their recent website re-launch.

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©Gillian Hyland


What are your top tips for running a successful agency? 

As an agency, understand your values – The Peter Bailey Company is founded on trust, integrity, creativity and authenticity. These values shape our work, and our relationships with clients, they are crucial to our ability to deliver client success, today and in the long term.

Have a great roster – invest in talented photographers and film makers - for over 30 years the iconic imagery that our photographers have created has established a reputation for powerful, visual storytelling and their images have been at the forefront of the advertising world.

Get the right people in the team - who can deliver those values. Myself and Tom Wade lead on the Agency side with Siobhan and Luisa leading on Production. As agents, our relationships with clients are very important. Putting them at the centre of what we do is vital for us – understanding their challenges, communicating their ideas and concepts, and supporting the creation of compelling, award-winning campaigns for them is at the heart of the Agency role.

Siobhan and Luisa spearhead the production team – both have a real understanding of clients’ needs and work alongside our artists to deliver what our clients want.

But fundamentally make sure you understand and deliver what clients want and for us this means focussing on our relationships with our clients, making sure we have exceptional creativity and quality within our roster and delivering a world-class production capability. 



©Tara Fisher


Tell us about the photographers you represent?

We represent a roster of 10 exceptional photographers – all of whom have worked with global leading agencies and brands.  Our roster offers clients breadth and range, and they like that.

Our photographers also offer originality in their approach and bring their own unique sense of creativity to each project. However, there are also common themes between them; consistency in the quality of their work; dedication to their practice and the exceptional imagery they create.

We represent some of the UK's leading photographers in portraiture, reportage, interiors, food, cars, children, and locations together with animal and sports photography.

Tara Fisher, Tim Flach, Philip Lee Harvey, Philip Haynes, Gillian Hyland, Tom Martin, David Ryle, Phillip Suddick, Alex Telfer, Staudinger & Franke



©Staudinger & Franke 


Where do you get your inspiration from and how has that changed over the years since you started?

At its most essential, our inspiration comes from a deep-rooted love of photography and film and the knowledge that both tell powerful stories.

It goes without saying that there have been huge changes since we began, largely driven by technology and communications, but also other reasons, like fashion and market tastes. We believe that by continuing to look outwards and listening to our clients, we have been able to work with them to meet the demands of this evolving landscape.  We have focussed on meeting these new demands and challenges, by better understanding the way in which consumers interact with adverts, social media and comms, so the roster has evolved from being solely photographers into image creators, producing stills, film, CGI and Content.


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©Philip Haynes


Please tell us about the relaunch of your website, what changes will we see?

Our new website launch is the result of many hours of work and consultation within the industry.  It is designed to give our clients the ability to access our Artists work quickly and easily and to offer a sense of their expertise, depth and capacity.  We hope it will also maintain a fun and creative angle to how our Artists’ work is presented, and especially so with our News Section, which will regularly showcase what we have been up to.  The website design was delivered by S&T Design, a young award-winning design agency.

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©David Ryle


You’ve been an Agent Member of the AOP for 16 years, what are the benefits to you of being a member?

The Agency has been associated with the AOP for a long time.  We particularly value its profile-raising work through the AOP Awards and the work it is doing to support and educate up-and-coming photographers.  They have also done a great job in serving the creative community through their work on copyright. Every photographer should be an AOP member!

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©Tim Flach


What’s next for your agency?

For over 30 years we have been lucky enough to see our images at the forefront of the advertising and branding world. Looking forward, the agency will continue to remain client-centric and keeping pace with the new media landscape.  It will focus on looking outwards so that that we can continue to deliver cutting edge work that meets our clients’ needs by working with our award-winning photographers and directors to produce exceptional visual imagery.


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© Alex Telfer


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