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11 June 2018

The John Parkinson Agency have recently joined the AOP, we caught up with John to find out more about the agency and the photographers represented. 

Hello John and welcome! Please tell us about the photographers you represent.

At the John Parkinson Agency we represent a range of photographers from fashion, still life to celebrity portraiture. We represent some of the biggest names in photography and art direction and over the years have progressively built up a reputation when it comes to attracting new talent. We are based in London working on some of the most prestigious campaigns within the industry representing a wealth of creative talent.
What are your top tips for running a successful agency? 

I think to decide what area of the creative market you want to operate in, a speciality of mine is fashion & portraiture - you need the ability to spot talented photographers in that area with drive & determination. 
You set up in 1989 - where do you get your inspiration from and how has that changed over the years since you started? 

I got my original inspiration form hanging out with talented artists when I was in college then when I moved down to London having a desire to help them form their careers and it was the 80's & I loved street fashion style and mingled with talented artists & stylists who wanted my help. 
How do you go about getting the right mix of photographers for your agency? 

I am always on the lookout for photographers that fit into the areas of photography that I market & hopefully add something new to the agency.
What advice do you have for photographers looking for representation? 

Look for an agent who operates & has contacts in the style you shoot & ensure they are have energy to market you and believe in your work. 
What’s next for your agency? 

I think for sure with the digital age to take on a director or talented DOP

© Steve Schofield 

Steve Schofield
Having studied at the London College of Communication, since then Steve Schofield’s documentary style to portraiture and unique approach has receive him regular commissions with some of the industries biggest names. From early in his career his work was published in magazines in the UK and Europe and in 2012, he moved to Los Angeles, where he worked between there, New York and London. Since then, Schofield has returned to London where he currently resides. A number of Schofield's portraits also feature in the National Portrait Gallery's permanent collection.


© Lorenzo Agius

Lorenzo Agius
With over 20 years’ experience in celebrity portraiture, Lorenzo Aguis’ highly considered approach to photography consistently produces a diverse and refined range of work. His portraiture has encompassed many highly-regarded talents including Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson, Beyoncé, Madonna, Rachel Weisz, Helen Hunt, Samuel L Jackson, Will Smith, Jared Leto, Kevin Spacey, Kate Winslet, Margot Robbie, Helen Mirren, Sharon Stone, Michael Fassbender and many more.


© Alisa Connan

Alisa Connan
Born in Melbourne, Australia, Alisa Connan moved to the UK following graduating from RMIT. She quickly began working for some of the most established photographers in the industry, setting up her own photography studio in east London. Connan has worked for some of the biggest names in the industry including InStyle, The Times, Max Factor and Marie Claire as well as an expanding range of celebrity portraiture.


© William Garratt

William Garratt
He began his photographic career in Paris, but was raised in the Midwest of America and William Garratt’s stylistic approach is unique and has secured him many regular clients within the fashion and editorial sectors. Regular clients include a range of magazines/brands such as Mayfair Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Jan Magazine, Elegance Magazine, Woman Magazine, InStyle and The Stylish Stuff. His range of work continues to grow with his career as he has built up relationships with clients, expanding his portfolio further.

© Gavin Bond
Gavin Bond          
Gavin Bond began his career shooting at international runway shows, building relationships with some of the world's leading fashion designers and photographers. Today he is based in New York, dividing his time also between Los Angeles and London. He still keeps the reportage aspect of his work rolling, shooting 'straight from the hip' for Victoria’s Secret sexy shows, backstage at the Golden Globes, the 'Q' Awards and more. Bond's other credits include The Annual Victoria’s Secret special issue for the last seven years, numerous covers for ‘Q’ Magazine, regular contributions to GQ and a newly completed critically acclaimed photography book on Green Day. Bond has also shot several movie posters including ‘Kick Ass’ and ‘Cemetery Junction’ along with ‘Great Expectations’, ‘Cuban Fury’ and ‘World's End’.

© Sean Cook
Sean Cook
Sean Cook found his passion for photography when working within the graphic design industry in the 1990’s. Beginning his career working as a photographer in the day and Graphic Designer by night, Cook's unique editorial style has received him many regular clients since the beginning of his career as a photographer.

© Rebecca Miller
Rebecca Miller
Rebecca Miller is an international fashion and portrait photographer, art director and visual storyteller. Using atmosphere as a form of visual expression, placing equal emphasis on subject, light, location and color in order to produce rich distinctive images that express a deep narrative.

© Jody Todd

Jody Todd
London-based photographer, Jody Todd began being influenced by still life photography following his graduation from the London College of Printing. His work plays with the idea of using positive and negative space, using skillful lighting to create crisp, balanced and coherent images. Another strong influence in Todd's work came from the Bauhaus Movement with the use of colour, shape and shadow, adding depth and texture to the images. Todd has built up a strong clientele throughout his career having photographed for Vogue, GQ, Vanity Fair, House & Garden, Conde Nast Traveller, Wallpaper, Alexander McQueen, MAC Cosmetics, Harrods, John Lewis and many more. 

© Joe Quigg
Joe Quigg
London-based photographer, Joe Quigg studied Photographic Art before progressing to assist some of the biggest names in fashion and portrait photography. Today Quigg's strong sense of lighting and growing portfolio of work has landed him regular work with some of the industry’s biggest names including the likes of M&S, Ray Ban, Luxottica, Max Mara, Target, The White Company, Uniqlo and Versus.

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