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Nick Dolding wins Sony World Photography Award for Portraiture & National Award for Best Picture

30 April 2018


©Nick Dolding

We caught up with Nick to find out more about this image and his journey in photography. 

Firstly Nick huge congratulations! We love this image, please tell us how it came about. 

I was commissioned to shoot the stills by Rapp Worldwide for Paypal on a series of short films somewhat inspired by Wes Anderson and created by the talented duo of Tom Kennedy and Lily Peters. 

There was about four different scenarios to be done with Emile the actor in the shot but when I saw him all styled in the set I asked if I could shoot a portrait as well. Five minutes later we had the shot.

Looking at your work you seem to choose wonderfully eclectic subject matter, where do you draw your inspiration from? 

Inspiration is drawn from all over, films, people and life in general. It’s all out there, you just have to see it!

You've been with the AOP for 30 years, tell us how you got started with photography, and what's changed over that time. 

The AOP (AFAEP as it was in the early day) were really instrumental in helping me start out. They got me my first job with Christopher Joyce which was summer holiday cover for his second assistant which eventually turned into 2 years full time. It all happened in Covent Garden then which was a great place to be. I met and became friends with the likes of Spencer Rowell, Desmond Burden, Grant Symon, George Logan, the list goes on as did the fun!! I know it’s boring when the ‘Oldies’ bang on about the good old days but it was a laugh! My first studio in Great Sutton Street opposite Metro was one of about 25 photographers in the street and was just around the corner from the AOP in Domingo Street, I even think I helped paint it. 

Since 2000 I’ve been in Paul Street just of Leonard Street, yet another AOP home.

What does the AOP do for you? 

The AOP has always been a bit of a family, the Awards are always a time to meet up especially as photography can be quite solitary. Legal knowledge has always be most welcome often in the form of Gwen, latterly the wealth of knowledge has been shared though the ‘list’. 

Winning Sony has been a great little boost, and I got to be interviewed by Huw Edwards!

See more of Nick’s work here

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